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Warren is a seasoned communications practitioner who began work as an indentured reporter on the Western Mail. With a professional NCTJ qualification under his belt, he first made the move into public relations with blue chip consultancy Golley Slater, working for them for 12 years before dipping into the public sector with West Wales Training and Enterprise Council.   He joined Quadrant soon after, working for 14 years with founding chief executive Bill Jenkins to help establish the company as a leading brand. He and Bill set up Spencer David, bringing their combined years of experience together in a sophisticated new offering to deliver to clients at both strategic and operation levels.   Warren’s experience encompasses work with industries from sheet metal to chemicals and opencast; sectors from tourism to food to ports; projects for governments, parliaments, commissions and councils in the UK and Europe; and a myriad of jobs political, community and charity along the way. He runs highly-rated media training courses, is a sharp and creative copywriter, and knows his way around a few corridors of power as well.   Out of work he has discovered a cheaper solution to the midlife crisis than owning a Porsche, and spends many a happy hour bodyboarding at Rest Bay in an unflatteringly tight wetsuit. He enjoys a glass of wine and playing the piano very loudly after a few of them in the style of the late Eric Morcambe: all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order..... Warren Carr
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