Shine on, harvest moon

Updated: Feb 15, 2018

If you were wandering around outside yesterday any time after dark, you would not have failed to notice the stunning beauty of the full #moon.

Particularly soon after dusk, when the great globe hung low in the sky, its size magnified by the earth's atmosphere. Truly an beautiful sight, and one that many enjoyed and shared judging by news reports and online chat overnight.

As a regular dog walker over the last year at all times of day and night, you get a bit blasé about seeing bright moons, but the light coming off this one last night was something else, casting crisp shadows and helpfully making the use of my failing aged torch unnecessary.

I'm not one given to horoscopes, stars and portents, but it was very special to witness this fresh and inspiring sight on the first eve of the New Year. Who knows what it will bring.

But let's just hope that the moon has some influence on her celestial companion and that the sun shines on all of us during 2018.

Happy #NewYear everyone.