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Improve your webinar - make it stand out with our unique packages combining top-notch event management with broadcast technology. 

Spencer David is a strategic communications consultancy based in Cardiff, Wales.

We are an event management and video production company, and specialise in making better webinars by combining effective event management with broadcast technology to create an online event akin to a TV broadcast.

As well as event management, live broadcast webinars, video production and media training, we provide in house all the key disciplines needed for an integrated communications campaign:


  • communications strategy - Not PR for PR's sake. PR that gets your organisation where it wants to be.

  • copywriting - Crisp, concise, on message. To length, to time. Any type of writing, including technical.

  • crisis communications – No, you DO need to think about what might happen. Good comms in a crisis will save you.

  • media relations - We're journalists. We know how to write for them, talk to them. Enough said.

  • public affairs - Local, national, European. We'll take you round the corridors of power.

  • website design and build - We make web pages look good, say the right thing, and keep them up-to-date.

You can access any of our services on their own - or mix and match for seamless delivery guaranteed.


Have a look around our website to find out more.

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