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The new benchmark for online webinars

Webinars have become a way of life. But let’s face it, many are awful to watch.


Poor sound and images, people struggling to share their screens, forgetting to unmute themselves. It all makes for clunky and frustrating viewing.


So how do you create a better webinar? Make a webinar more productive, easier to watch and more enjoyable to share?

How to make better webinars

Our answer is by merging effective event management with broadcast technology. We can help you improve your webinars, creating something more akin to a TV broadcast. An event that will command attention and show you and your company in the best light.


We use a studio-based host linked to a web platform such as Zoom or Teams with a studio producer controlling seamless links to remote presenters, their presentations, pre-recorded packages and live Q&A sessions.


For viewers, it’s like watching a live TV news programme.


A new approach to webinars

Spencer David has teamed up with leading creative events company Cleartech Live

to offer webinar organisers:


Complete event management

Delegate registration

Liaison with all speakers

Guidance on preparation of presentations

Pre-filming of presenters to be played out live

Full studio and technical team


Get in touch now to find out more about the new benchmark in online webinars.

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