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Avoid those foot in mouth moments

Updated: Jun 15, 2018

Ah, the TV #interview gaffe.

The reporter appears, the tripod gets set up with its camera and the dazzling toplight is switched on. Suddenly any sense of self-confidence we might have had that we would give a suave and sophisticated interview evaporates. Rather than succinct, pithy and incisive commentary coming from our mouths, we hear ourselves, in disbelief, uttering the MOST inappropriate turn of phrase or observation while the voice in our head screams: "Where did that come from??!"

Who can forget Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary calling thousands of his passengers “idiots” in a furious rant, or the doyen of oops-es, former Ratners Jewellers chairman Gerald Ratner's "because it's crap"comment in 1991?

Giving a competent interview to the media is a must in today's #communications world. Whether presenting a new initiative or defending your organisation in a time of #crisis, being able to deliver on camera or to a radio or newspaper reporter is a hugely valuable skill.

Spencer David can equip you with that ability through our media training courses, giving you a skill that will be the envy of your peers and competitors, and one that is extremely transferable into other presentation and speaking environments.

Contact us today on to get our full list of high-profile execs who have no doubt rued the day that they didn't come to us before they put lips in front of microphone, and for a no-obligation exploration of how we can help you make sure your name doesn’t get added to it.



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