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Events Part I: Why do events go wrong?

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

How was the last event you organised? Everything go well? Was everybody happy? Did it achieve everything you wanted it to achieve? Perhaps it went a bit like this:

Sending invitations

The boss asked you to get it sorted about a month before. It was a bit of a struggle to find a venue at that notice, and when the invites went out, there were loads of apologies. But enough people turned up, so it was OK.

You booked a local hotel function room, but then everyone decided that you needed extra space for a pre-event VIP reception. The only room the hotel had was one across the courtyard and on the day it rained, so when the VIPs had to join the main event, they got pretty wet. But no one seemed to mind, it was a bit of a laugh really.

Product launch

The event was to show customers your new product – it was a bit tight to get it in among the tables set out for lunch. You’d have had a bit more space if you’d just had the event as a drinks reception really, but it’s nice to offer people a slap-up meal.

Audio visual

The sales manager gave the main presentation, showing loads of impressive, detailed PowerPoint slides about the new product. He hadn’t told you his presentation had a video in it, and the projector the hotel set up for you didn’t play it properly on the pull-down screen which kept moving in the draught from the air conditioning.

You couldn’t really hear the soundtrack either because it only played through the laptop. The audience had some fun taking the mick out of the sales manager about that, though, so they obviously enjoyed it......

The boss told you just before the event started that he’d forgotten he had to speak, so hadn’t prepared anything – but said he’d be OK. He said a few words at the end and cracked a few jokes about how he couldn’t understand any of the sales manager’s complicated slides either, and forgot to mention the new product, but no one seemed to notice.

Sound familiar? If so, the brutal truth is that it wasn’t a very good event. The wrong people turning up, an unprofessional presentation, key information left out – and if you’re lucky, an audience who either didn’t know any better or who were too polite to point out the shortcomings. You need to – and can do – much better.

Event organisation

Organising successful events is time consuming and stressful. You put yourself and your company on show, so it makes sense to ensure your event is going to be remembered for all the right reasons.

Successful events are a great way to promote services and products, tell a story, reach out to stakeholders and meet your customers and clients face-to-face. Badly run #events will quickly damage reputation, customer confidence and destroy credibility in you and your company.

Check out Spencer David's event organising capabilities, or to book your free check-up and protect your reputation just email - one of our professional event managers will respond and talk you through your event and for no charge advise on the best approach.



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